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My Review of Life

My Review of Life

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'So High' | Doja Cat

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'Summer's Colour' | Basement

Vikings Season 3 | Comic-Con Trailer

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Music Tag.

Tagged By: vibrntin | ‘You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your iPod or however you play your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Then post them so other people can see what your music choices say about you.’

Here was my shuffle folks:

Lionel Richie ‘Hello

The Story So Far ‘Small Talk

Wavves ‘No Hope Kids

Nat King Cole ‘Papa Loves Mambo

The Front Bottoms ‘Mountain

Stray From the Path ‘Mad Girl

Schoolboy Q ‘Hell of a Night

From Indian Lakes ‘Full of Wonder

Carlos Gardel ‘Por Una Cabeza

Juan Luis Guerra ‘En El Cielo No Hay Hospital

pandasuzanne tagged me. These are my top 6 selfies of 2014. (This is pretty embarrassing considering four of these are taken in the same room with flash cancelling out my face. Also, you’re supposed to tag folks but I feel too awkward to do so. I’ll tag spoonplatoon though. Get to it spoon.)

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'Everything Changes' | 宇宙コンビニ

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Smokin & Drinkin’ | Danny Brown

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'West District' | PARTYNEXTDOOR

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are you currently talking to someone? and I mean romantically btw
Asked by Anonymous

Hello friend! I am indeed. I’m dating the moon. We’re making waves.

anyone ever tell you how hot you are, damn.
Asked by Anonymous

Thank you stranger! You’re too kind. I look like a fried egg though.